The “learning through play” philosophy is the most current and accepted philosophy of early childhood. A man named Frobel, was the first person to use this philosophy. It supports the concept that “Play is Child’s Work”. This is the philosophy of all the co-operative preschools.

Children learn as they manipulate their environment. Play is the fundamental, natural, universal activity of children. Play is what children do, what they have always done and what they must continue to do. Play is intrinsically motivated for personal satisfaction. The child learns through the process of play because of his inner drive to explore, experiment and discover. It is the way they orientate themselves to their environment.

CBP provides an environment where children are permitted to explore different types of play and material spontaneously. All the play and materials are meaningless without the magic ingredient of other children. The children become socialized in their work place. They are learning the rules they will need to survive in a very socialized society. Our ECE prepares a safe and stimulating environment for them to explore, guiding them through until they can function independently in it. The feeling of functioning independently with control in an environment builds a very positive self-image. This is what we want for our children.

Although the ECE may not be able to alter the facility, preschool supplies and equipment are arranged to provide for individual, small group and large group activities. Furniture and equipment are place to provide a safe and attractive environment. Children can move around the space independently. A variety of equipment is readily available and is suitable for this age group. Things that stimulate discussion and exploration are included in the environment.