Here are some comments from our “graduated” families:

“My son started at Cordova Bay Co-op Preschool when we had first moved to Victoria. We both found it to be a very welcoming environment. As a parent being able to share some of the time with my son in the classroom was such a nice way for me to get to know other parents in the area as well as being involved and seeing what was going on first hand. On the days when I was not in the classroom I felt comfortable for the simple fact that my son was comfortable and happy to be there. My son built close relationships with the other children, teachers and parents and always felt safe and secure to be there. Although that time has come and gone I am glad I made the choice to spend a small part of it together with him.”

– Maureen Simpson

“I moved to Victoria when I was pregnant with my first child. I knew only one person in town. I had chosen to be a stay at home parent, but found I spent most of my time alone with my child. I chose Cordova Bay Co-op Preschool because it was the closest preschool to my house, not knowing anything at all about co-op. It was the best choice I could have made for myself and my children. I loved being such an involved part of my child’s first classroom exposure. I felt like I really knew what he was experiencing. I was able to support him in his transition to this new environment. I also got to really know many new families that have become dear friends. In the co-op preschool, you really get to know the other children and the other families as we all work together to create the best school experience for our children as possible.”

– Lesley Davenport