Total Fundraising Goal: $9000

Cordova Bay Preschool has served the Cordova Bay, Elk Lake and surrounding community since 1949, it offers a quality parent participation preschool experience.  The school is a registered non-profit organization.  Co-operative preschools are administered and maintained by the parents who assist under the guidance of our three Early Childhood Educators.

Fundraising is an important part of our School as it allows us to maintain a reasonable fee schedule, enabling more families to participate in the rich, exciting learning experience of co-operative education.  Participation in a co-op affords both children and parents unique opportunities to share in the magic and laughter of preschool.

Our focus is on social fundraising initiatives that build a sense of community and form lifetime bonds between our preschool families.  Below is a listing of initiatives that you – as a preschool family or the local community – can support:

Thrifty’s Smile Cards: all school year

Thrifty Foods has been supporting our preschool for a number of years and we have been able to participate again in the Smile Card Program. We earn 5% to use to purchase items for the school.

• Take this Smile Card with you when you go grocery shopping at Thrifty Foods. Ask the cashier to load any amount onto the card using cash, credit or debit before paying for your groceries.  Now simply pay for your groceries with your smile card.

• There is absolutely no cost to you and you can reload your card when it’s running low.

• Anyone (family, friends, grandparents, etc.) can use the cards

• Cost to school: $0 and can earn up to $1200 during the year

Mabel’s Labels: all year round

We have an active, school-year-long fundraising campaign with Mabel’s Labels. For every purchase from Mabel’s Labels the preschool earns 20% on every purchase! These labels come in very handy as you prepare and label your children’s belongings for the preschool year and later as they transition into elementary school as well.

  • Go to campaigns.mabelslabels.com and choose “your organization” from the School/Organization list. or

  • Visit mabelslabels.com, press the “Support A Fundraiser” button and choose “your organization” from the list.

  • Cost to school: $0 and the school earns 20% of all sales

Annual Silent Auction Event / Online Silent Auction: April 2021

Our preschool’s main fundraiser is our Annual Silent Auction Event held at The Beach House Restaurant in Cordova Bay. This is an amazing event and a truly wonderful night out!

• Each family is asked to collect two items for the auction with a minimum value of $50 each

• The ticket cost includes, appetizers, a live DJ, dancing, door prizes and the chance to pick up some wonderful auction items and a great night of mingling with fellow preschool families

• Ticket cost: $30/person and each family is asked to purchase 2 tickets

• This event is booked for Friday April 23, 2021.

**If we need to change to the online silent auction this year each family is still asked to collect 2 items with a minimum value of $50 each.**

Night of Lights at Hillside Centre: Cancelled this year

Our preschool has taken part in the Hillside’s annual Night of Lights fundraiser for a few years now and it is a fun night of shopping, appetizers, beverages, entertainment, fabulous door prizes, exclusive retailer’s specials and tons of fun!

• Cost to school: $0 and can earn over $2000

Peninsula Co-op Membership: all year round

Our preschool has an active membership with Peninsula Co-op and participating Save-On Gas.

Simply use the membership number whenever you make purchases from Peninsula Co-op.  At the end of the year, our Preschool will earn a rebate, based on the dollar amount of purchases our preschool families have made throughout the year.

• When making the purchase just provide the school’s co-op number of: 12838

• Cost to school: $0 and no limit on amount school can earn

• Anyone (family, friends, grandparents, etc.) can use the membership number

Purdys Chocolates: Christmas and Easter campaigns

We get 25% back in fundraising profits from every sale— and you get chocolates crafted in Canada with premium-quality ingredients and 100% sustainable cocoa.

More information to follow as the campaign approaches.

• Cost to school: $0, we need to sell $1,000 (pre-tax) as a team to earn 25% fundraising profit.

Bottle Depot: year around

When taking your items to The Bottle Depot just mention “Cordova Bay Preschool” at drop off and the refund return will 100% go to the preschool.

We will also be hosting Bottle drives this year to help fundraising. Everyone’s help would be appreciated.  Hopefully in October, January & March more information to come soon.

** Bottle Drive has been booked for Saturday October 17th 12:30pm-3:30pm. Drop off at the preschool parking lot **

• Cost to school: $0 and no limit on the amount school can earn.

FlipGive App: School Year

This year I want to make our fundraising efforts for Cordova Bay Preschool easier by using an app called FlipGive.

Simply join our team on FlipGive and start shopping through the app or our team page and we’ll earn money every time you shop with popular brands like Well.ca, Starbucks, Indigo, Sportchek and Esso.

Remember to use FlipGive before you shop online so we’ll earn cash back – make a purchase within the first 14 days of joining and we’ll receive an additional bonus!

• Cost to school: $0 and no limit on the amount school can earn.

Poinsettia Sales:  Christmas Season

We have partnered with Hilltop Greenhouses Ltd. who will be supplying Premium Quality Poinsettias and Planters as part of our Christmas Fundraiser

program and have been for BC schools and organizations for over 25 years. They are proud to say that they are Island Owned and Operated for close to 50 years! All of their plants are grown from seed or cuttings right here on Vancouver Island.

• Cost to school: $0

Canada Helps:

Cordova Bay Preschool is a registered charity and we have partnered with CanadaHelps.org to make it easy to donate to our preschool. Please click on the link below to make a donation now:

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!