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A typical day at CBP

Outdoor Play

Rain or shine! Children go outside and enjoy our fenced yard playground and various toys and activities. The duty parent chooses the materials available for outdoor play each day. Children build physical literacy through a variety of activities running, climbing, digging, and riding. Our outdoor area is sheltered from the rain and sun by large cedars.


Class Themes & Emergent Curriculum

Our program offers a blend of emergent curriculum and thematic learning based around cultural celebrations, the world around us and the interests of the children. Children are free to choose their own activities while at school. Our program follows the BC Early Learning Framework. Literacy, numeracy, identity and social responsibility learning opportunities are incorporated throughout our play offerings.


Field Trips

We are pleased to offer a variety of field trips throughout the year in our fours class. These trips may be different each year based on availability but include experiences like the salmon run, Hartland Landfill, BC Transit, and freshwater fishing.

Pumpkin Field

Indoor Play

Table activities are set up daily and include daily playdoh, art, or sensory opportunities. Large scale block play is available at all times, as are the library, kitchen, dress up and play house. A variety of dramatic themes are changed out throughout the year based on the engagement of the children. Dramatic themes may include Fire and Rescue, Flower Shop, Grocery Store, Ice Cream Parlour, Veterinarian, or Doctor. Though thematic elements may be included throughout the space there will always be plenty of activities available from outside the dramatic theme.


Nutrition Breaks

Children bring in their own healthy snack and refuel while interacting with their classmates. Nutrition breaks are recognized as an opportunity for socialization. Opportunities to make food together are also incorporated throughout the year.



Throughout the year, Cordova Bay Preschool connects with a variety of outreach programs to enhance onsite learning. In the 2023-2024 year we have hosted the Victoria Bug zoo, PISE bike program, the Dance Pacific Centre to enhance the program. Each year in the springtime our program also raises butterflies and chicks.

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