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The CO-OP Approach

The co-op approach is the most wonderful opportunity to have a hands-on, involved role in your child’s first school experience

Art Class

In the classroom

  • Duty parents get to spend one or two days a month in the classroom assisting the ECE in the classroom.

  • You get to be with your child in their class as they are learning to adjust to a new environment. You can see how they play, what they enjoy doing and how they are learning to interact with others.

A woman smiling while working

Parental Roles

  • The parents own and run the school, so you can have a say in the operation of the school.

  • Families work together closely, so you really get to know the children and families that attend the school.

  • We fundraise a certain amount of money each year to meet the annual financial needs of the school. We try to make the fundraising varied and fun.

Support Groups


  • Every duty parent must complete the initial orientation and the one and a half hour education requirement every month to meet the licensing criteria to be a duty parent.

  • Guest Speakers

*partial duty parent rolls are available where you are not required to participate for duty day and the education requirement

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